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Prime 10 Main Dish Dinner Recipes

April 8, 2022 main Course

The main serving or dish of a meal, normally cooked. Retooled for Ocean at Main, which closed in 2020, the village venue’s conversion to Sueños is mostly beauty. Dreamscape murals by native artist Carlos Roda loom giant over the eating room, and two mega flat-screens dominate the bar. Hues of weathered grey and lavender update the stunning patio with its classic fountain, although it’s engulfed by a decent mass of fourtops. The dining room is quite roomy, somewhat bright, and nearly empty on my visits when diners clearly opted for the cramped patio.

main Course

Basic but bold – it’s lemon, butter and garlic. Within minutes of putting our order, the soups and rangoons arrived. Robert’s soup was shiny and fresh, featuring a light broth, wonton noodles, lettuce and green onion...

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